Sedation Dentistry


Understanding Sedation Through Katy Pediatric Dentistry

At Katy Kids Dentist, we understand kids, their dental anxieties, and their oral health. Our office is designed to give children a fun experience while they undergo regular checkups, exams, and treatment. As your Katy pediatric dentistry professionals, we place your children as our top priority and aim to make their visits as comfortable as possible. In some situations, including those in which the patient has a real fear of dental exams, or those in which the patient is undergoing an extensive procedure, we use sedation dentistry. With an American Dental Association endorsement, this practice helps our young patients be still and relaxed during treatment.

Sedation Practices We Implement

There are three types of sedation practices we implement here in our office. Each practice is safe and we will discuss with you which method is best for your child and the procedure we are doing. They include:

  • Intravenous – An IV is used to insert a sedative right into the bloodstream. We have an anesthesiologist in our office who completes this procedure for our patients, making them almost immediately relaxed.

  • Nitrous Oxide – This is often referred to as laughing gas, and will make a patient calm and relaxed. Mixed with oxygen, this helps the patient stay awake during treatment. Five to ten minutes of straight oxygen following the procedure will rid the body of nitrous oxide and allow the patient to go on without side effects.

  • Oral Conscious – These sedatives are administered orally. The patient will be conscious, but relaxed. When effects have worn off following treatment, the child may or may not remember the treatment.

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With a commitment to keeping your children comfortable and relaxed during every dental visit, you can count on Katy Kids Dentist to handle even the most uncomfortable procedures. To schedule an appointment or learn more about your sedation dentist, contact Katy Kids Dentist today at 281-712-8002.