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Katy Kids Patient Testimonials

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"I have been taking both of my kids here. My son is 9 now and always enjoys going. My daughter who is 3 only has had oral exams until yesterday when they did her first cleaning. She was scared and nervous. The staff made her feel so comfortable and secure. The wonderful lady who cleaned her teeth made her feel very in the process and introduced all the instruments and made it very relatable for a scared 3 year old. I was so proud of the entire process. I was worried I would deal with a screaming child and I was dreading the appointment, but the way they introduce little ones into the process of cleaning their teeth was hands down AMAZING. She’s excited to go back! Love this place and the staff as always. Highly, highly recommend!"

-Erica M.

"We absolutely love this dental office. From the moment you walk into the doors, until you check out. The staff is super friendly and knowledgeable! Going to the dentist can be scary for littles, but my 4 yr old loved it. So thankful we found Katy Kids Dentist."

-Dawn E.

"Best kids dentist in Katy! Just took my 4 year old son here for his first ever dentist visit & he loved it! It's all flight themed & very entertaining for kids every step of the way. They even give the kids little pilot wings before the tour of the facility starts. There is PlayStation's, Wii's & Super Nintendo, toys, stickers & games for the kids to play with while they wait. ALL of the staff is  incredible. They really make the kids & parents feel welcome. Dr. Ko is a great dentist & we are so happy we have found the best dentist in Katy for our son. I highly recommend Katy Kids Dentist to anyone looking for their first or a new dentist!"

-Peter F.

"Dr. Hollenberg is calm, patient and accommodating:)

We are so blessed to have found Dr. Hollenberg. Braces were a necessity for my son at a young because he had a myriad of problems with his teeth. To further complicate matters he suffers from a sensitivity disorder. He would kick, cry and scream whenever an orthodontist would attempt to work on his teeth. The orthodontic practice we started with told us they were not able to work on him and we would need to find a new orthodontist. God does not close one door without opening another. We were referred to Dr. Hollenberg by a neighbor. He agreed to take our son as a patient. We were so amazed by his patience. He kept telling us that once he became accustomed to the dental work he would cease to act up. It took some time, but Dr. Hollenberg and his staff never wavered. He is now on his 2nd set of braces and tolerates the orthodontic work. He even looks forward to our trips to Katy.

Dr. Hollenberg is very accommodating as well. We travel 1 1/2 hours from a rural area to see him. Recently, when we drove up to his office for a scheduled appointment we found the office closed because a power line had fallen. I was disappointed because I had pulled the kids out of school to make the trip. We walked in and asked if they would call us when the electricity was restored. Not only did they agree to do so...Dr. Hollenberg called us back and worked on my son using a flashlight.

My daughter will need braces soon. She does not have any special needs. There is an orthodontist 2 blocks from her school. However, we have been so impressed with Dr. Hollenberg that we will continue to make the trip to Katy for her orthodontic needs."

-Jennifer K.

"Love this place! Mrs. Mary and Dr. Ko are amazing. After a traumatic experience at another dental office, my daughter was terrified to return to the dentist. I explained her fears to these ladies, and they went above and beyond to make my little one feel comfortable, informed and in control. She now looks forward to going in for her cleanings. Can’t say enough about Katy Kids Dentist!"

-Kelsey M.

"Excellent staff!  They involved my child in all the conversations.  She felt very comfortable there and that alone deserves 10 stars."

-Josh D.

"After my son was complaining about mouth pain from dental work from a different office I came to Katy Kids Dentist for a second opinion (which they don't charge for). Turns out he did need to have some things taken care of. Doctor Ko and supporting staff made sure that my son was comfortable both emotionally and physically during his dental work. He said he felt zero pain and so far, has been feeling tons better."

-Krystle L.

"I can not get over how much i love this place! I am very happy my son has a dentist he feels comfortable with. And i cant wait until my baby starts going to the dentist, because i will be sticking to this Dentist. The entire staff, from front to back made it so fun for my son. Definitely recommend to everyone!"

-Monica B.

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